Recycling can seem daunting. Which packaging can be recycled? How should you sort and prep the packaging for recycling?

Here are 4 tips to help you get started!

1. Take Baby Steps

The best way to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed is to take baby steps. There are four main types of packaging that can be recycled: plastic, glass, paper, and metal. Start by identifying the recyclable packaging you use the most and recycle only that. For most people, it is the plastic water bottle made from PET plastic marked with recycling code 1.

For you, it could be milk bottles made of HDPE plastic, takeaway food trays made of PP plastic, or soda cans. For a full list of recyclable packaging we accept, see here.

Once you have identified the type of recyclable packaging you often use, set up a small bin, bag, or box for segregating this type of packaging from the rest of your waste. The best place for this “recycling bin” is next to the general waste bin you use the most often or near the location where the packaging is used. For most people, that location is the kitchen.

With the system set up, you are ready to start sorting the one type of recyclable packaging you use most often. Try it out for the next few weeks and you will be surprised how much you can recycle!

2. Labeling Your Bin

A clear labeling of your recycling bin, bag, or box will keep you and everyone at home on track. Labeling the bin with a picture of the recyclable item or taping an example item to the bin can tell people instantly the item that should be deposited.

Download the labels we have created for you.

If you have multiple recycling bins, using different color bins can also help people quickly recognize that each bin is meant for different recyclable items. For example, you could set up a blue bin for plastic bottles and a green bin for aluminum cans. Our brain is very good at recognising colors so use it to your advantage!

3. Prep Your Recyclables

Now after receiving your Trash Lucky ID, you can starting sorting! Below are type of recyclable items we accept,. Before you toss the recyclable packaging into the segregating system you’ve set up, remember to prep it. The three simple steps you can use to prep most recyclable items are: empty, rinse, and compress.

First, you want to empty out all the remaining liquid or food from the packaging. Second, give it a quick rinse so the content will not spoil or attract pests such as ants and cockroaches. It will take time for the packing to pile up before submitting them for recycling. Third, compress the packaging to save space before you toss it in the recycling bin. The more recyclable items we can transport in one trip the less carbon we would burn.

Earlier, we showed you how to prep UHT cartons for recycling in this blog.

Once you start following the prepping steps, you will realize that the extra 3-10 seconds can make a big difference. Sooner or later it will become a good habit that comes naturally every time you recycle.

4. Track Your Progress

Recycling is a habit you need to build. Tracking your progress will not only remind you to recycle but also display your accomplishments that will motivate you to continue. You can simply keep track of how many times you have cleared out your recycling bin or let our system keep the record for you.

When you recycle with Trash Lucky, our system will automatically track the amount and the type of waste you recycle. You can view your progress once you have logged into the system.

Remember, when you recycle with Trash Lucky you earn lucky draw tickets for winning gold and other prizes every month! 

Add our LINE now and click register to get started!

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Convert your recyclables into lucky draw tickets for winning gold and more. We hold one lucky draw every month. Literally, turning your trash into gold!