Trash-to-Raffle with Garnier One Green Step

Garnier and Trash Lucky invite you to take One Green Step toward sustainability. We urge everyone to help create a cleaner planet by simply sorting and recycling your waste. Together, we can divert recyclable packaging from landfills and nature.

Donate your recyclables and earn lucky draw tickets for winning gold and other exciting prizes from Garnier every month! Special for this campaign! Receive 1 lucky draw ticket for every piece of Garnier packaging your recycle. See below for the list of accepted packaging.

Start your One Green Step with us today!

Terms & Conditions

How It Works?

1. Sort

Sort your recyclables by types and by plastic recycling code. Do not combine different types of items.

2. Send

Send your recyclables via courier, our pick-up service, or drop-off at any Trash Lucky Bangkok locations.

3. Win

Earn points based on the recyclables you donate. Points can be converted to lucky draw tickets for prizes.

1,088 Prizes
Worth Over

Monthly Prizes

When you recycle with us, you will enter our monthly lucky draw with the amazing prizes below.

PrizeItemQuantityTotal Value
13.8g of Gold215,680 THB
2฿300 Lazada and/or Shopee Voucher 2012,780 THB
3Garnier Eco Pads154,485 THB
4฿200 Lotus Voucher153,000 THB
5Garnier Sakura Glow Hyaluron Water-Glow Essesnce (50 ml)303,870 THB
6Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Vitamin C (125 ml)303,870 THB
7฿100 Lotus Voucher242,400 THB


Recycle and earn raffles during each month between May to December 2022. We will live broadcast the lucky draw via our Facebook Page on the 9th of the following month.

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