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Sort and send “clear and stretchy” plastic to recycle with Trash Lucky today!

“Thumb Test” Your Plastic Film

Plastic Thumb test

Try stretching a clear plastic film, bag, or wrap with your thumb. If it is stretchable forming a shape around your thumb, then it is recyclable. You have a “clear and stretchy” plastic.

If you cannot stretch it then it is not recyclable.

This is just a simple trick to identify a thin and flexible polyethylene plastic film or packaging.

Examples of Clear & Stretchy Plastic Packaging

Examples of clear & stretchy plastic

Trash Lucky accepts “clear and stretchy” plastic packaging such as plastic wrappers for a pack of water bottles, plastic produce bags, bubble wraps, and zip lock bags.

We do not accept clear (transparent) plastic bags that come in direct contact with food. For example, we do not recycle small plastic bags for takeaway food that are commonly used in Thailand.

Sort and send “clear and stretchy” plastics to us today. Please do not mix them with other types of recyclable items.

See the full list of recyclable items we accept here.

4 Steps to Recycling Clear & Stretchy Plastic

4 steps to recycling “clear and stretchy” plastic with Trash Lucky

Here are four easy steps to recycle “clear and stretchy” plastic with Trash Lucky

1.  Sort “clear and stretchy” plastics from other types of recyclable items.
2.  Cut or remove any sticker from the “clear and stretchy” plastic bag, film, or packaging.
3.  Fold and pack the plastics into a small parcel or trash bag to save cargo space and energy for transporting the material.
4.  Submit them to Trash Lucky. Please don’t forget to label the parcel or trash bag with your full name and Trash Lucky ID. 

You can easily create name tags here.

You can check our drop-off locations here.

Every time you recycle 1 kg of “clear and stretchy” plastics with Trash Lucky you earn 2 lucky draw tickets for winning gold and more.

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Recycling is one of the circular economy principles that reduce the amount of waste dumped into landfills and oceans. Moreover, it will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

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