Recycling Programs

Recyling Programs

Your Community Can Help Our Planet

We make it easy for you! Let Trash Lucky help you design a recycling program that is educational, fun, and engaging.

We start with understanding your baseline then develop a program for your community. We provide educational workshops to ensure community members understand why and how to properly sort recyclables. We handle the logistics of pickup and transporting recyclables from your community. Most importantly, we track progress and evaluate for program improvement.

Should you have the budget, we can work with our partners to convert the waste your community recycles into socially valuable products for donation.

recycling programs

Click on each community type below to learn more about our various recycling programs.

It is best to build good habits when you are young. Our School Recycling Program is more than just classroom training. We make it fun for students and parents to take action on becoming eco warriors!

Students will learn why and how to properly sort recyclable materials. Our Student Volunteer Program offers leadership opportunities for those who want to act as program ambassadors and coordinators.

We report the impact of your community so you can know your progress, apply for Eco School certificate, and fulfill your Sustainable Development Goals. 

Get in touch with us today to learn how your school can contribute to a cleaner planet!

Tired of seeing items go unrecycled at your residential community? Tell your juristic committee or property manager that Trash Lucky can help.

Our Residential Recycling Program makes it easy for anyone at condominium, apartment, or community homes to recycle. We work with your property manager to set up on-site recycling bins, educate tenants on proper waste sorting, and clear out the bins as often as necessary. Best of all, tenants get to win lucky draw prizes for recycling!

Connect us with your juristic committee or property manager today and we will do the rest.

Let Trash Lucky help your organization meet Sustainable Development Goals and transform it into a sustainable community!

We help audit and assess your office’s current recycling activity. Then work with stakeholders to educate and incentivize employees into climate action. We organize recycling workshops with games and rewards to serve as an Employee Learning & Development Program. We collaborate with your facility team to implement a proper recycling system and provide reports for management to see the impact. We can even help upcycle your waste into socially-valuable products for donation to fulfill your CSR activities.

Get in touch with us today to increase your brand’s image on sustainability.

Waste pollution is often severe in deprived communities. That is why Trash Lucky works with local community leaders and district representatives on incentivizing community members to recycle.

We provide free education workshops to teach community members about the effects of waste pollution on their well-being. We use big prizes as incentives for people to sort recyclables. We manage and remove the waste from communities to make them clean and green!

Get in touch with us today if you know of a community that can benefit from our Community Recycling Program.

How It Works?

1. Plan

We assess your current recycling process and collaborate on planning for program success.


2. Launch

We launch with an educational workshop so your community will understand why and how to recycle properly.

3. Measure

We regularly track and report progress.




4. Improve

We identify room for improvements so the program can grow sustainably.


Program Benefits

Partner with us to kickstart a recycling program like no other.

Hear From Our Community

“Since recycling with Trash Lucky we have not thrown away recyclables in the mixed waste bin. Now, we sort recyclables right away. I also look forward to winning gold every month”

Suphattra Kumpafaeng

“Trash Lucky’s incentive helps convince my family members to sort our waste at home”

Noon Pakavaleetorn

“Trash Lucky makes recycling fun for my family and I”

Aime Pohnpree

Shipping Methods

Please label the parcel or bag with your Member ID

Courier Service

Pack and ship your recyclables to us via any courier service to the address below.

Trash Lucky Office
12/1 Din Daeng Rd, Khwaeng Din Daeng,
Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400

Trash Lucky Box

Buy our Recycling Box Bundle, which includes round-trip door-to-door shipping. Use the box as a recycling bin and request a pickup when it is full.

Drop-off Points

Drop off your recyclables at one of our locations throughout Bangkok city.

Contact us to set up a bin in your retail space or private community.

Email us for free consultation and initiate a recycling program for your community