Growing Green is a School Recycling Program thateducates and incentivizes students and parents in Thailand to recycle.

The program begins with a workshop covering the current waste pollution problem, how each of us can be part of the solution, and how to participate in the recycling program. Participants sort recyclables from home and drop them off in the designated recycling bin, which is usually placed in the school’s parking lot. Participants earn points for lucky draw tickets for winning prizes.

The recycling program accepts UHT cartons, plastic, paper, glass, and metal. The items are recycled into raw materials for creating new products such as furniture, clothing, and product packaging.

Growing Green is sponsored by SIG Combibloc Thailand, pioneered by Bangkok Prep, and participated by various schools in Thailand.

6 Easy Steps to Start Recycling

1. Register

  • Add LINE: @trashlucky and click “Register”
  • Kids younger than 13 years old should register using their parent’s information
  • Select your “community group” by the name of your school
  • Those who use parents’ information to register should also fill out the Parent/Child Registration form, which helps us match the parent’s Trash Lucky account with the student. We will use the provided information to award and recognize students who are outstanding recyclers.

2. Sign-in to See Trash Lucky ID

Basic Usage

Once you have registered and signed in through LINE @trashlucky, you can do the following.

  • Viewing info and activities on the first page
    • Your Trash Lucky ID contains the letters “TL” and a 7-digit number. Label your bag of recyclables with your full name and Trash Lucky ID.
    • Points are updated to your account 7-10 days after you’ve dropped off the recyclables
    • Your recycling activities are shown in the bottom portion of the screen. You can track your environmental impacts here.
  • Editing Your Info
    • Click the “hamburger” menu in the upper right corner and select “Edit Profile” to edit your personal information.
    • Do not forget to add your address to facilitate pickup service and prize shipment.
  • Inviting Friends
    • Click the “hamburger” menu on the upper right corner and select “Invite Friends” to get your friends to recycle for a cleaner planet!
    • Copy the invitation text and send it to your friends via LINE chat.

3. Sort Recyclables at Home

We accept 4 main types of material: plastic, glass, paper, and metal. Please sort the material by type and sort plastic by its recycling code. Do not mix different types of plastic together.

See the examples of recyclable items we accept here.

Recyclable materials we accept.

How to Prep Your Recyclables

UHT cartons
  1. Tear the corner of the carton.
  2. Pour out any remaining liquid and give it a quick rinse with water. It will prevent pests such as ants and cockroaches from getting inside the cartons for leftover liquid.
  3. Fold the carton so it is flat and leave it to dry before packing.
Plastic Bottles
  1. Pour out any remaining liquid. If the liquid is not water, give the bottle a quick rinse.
  2. Compress the bottle to save space for collecting and transporting.
  3. Cap the bottle so it would remain compressed and the cap would not fall or leak into the environment. Removing product labels is optional.
“Clear and Stretchy” Plastic
Stretch testing plastic film to see if it's recyclable

Try stretching a clear plastic film, bag, or wrap with your thumb. If it is stretchable forming a shape around your thumb, then it is recyclable. You have a “clear and stretchy” plastic that can be recycled. See examples here.

If you cannot stretch it then it is not recyclable.

  1. Sort “clear and stretchy” plastics from other types of recyclable items.
  2. Cut or remove any sticker from the “clear and stretchy” plastic bag, film, or packaging.
  3. Fold and pack the plastics into a small parcel or trash bag to save cargo space and energy for transporting the material.

Packing and Labeling


Put each type of material or plastic in its own separate bag. Do not mix multiple materials or plastic types into one bag. You may put multiple small bags into one big bag so you would only have to label the big bag with your full name and Trash Lucky ID.


Label your bag or boxes of recyclables with your full name and Trash Lucky ID, e.g., TL1234567. Get your ID by registering and signing into our LINE @trashlucky

We provide a tool for creating your name tags HERE.

The label will help us award the points to the correct person.

Examples of A+ recyclables from our members.

4. Drop off at School

Drop off your properly sorted and labeled bags of recyclables in the bin at your school. The bin is usually placed in the school parking lot.

Contact us or your school if you cannot locate the bin.

5. Earn Points

You earn points based on your recycling activities. Your points will be updated to your account within 7-10 days after dropping off the recyclables. See the point conversion table below.

Clear plastic water bottle (PET: code 1)1 kg20
Milk bottle, Shampoo/lotion bottle (HDPE: code 2)1 kg10
Stretchy plastic1 kg10
Yogurt cups, takeaway food box (PP: code 5)1 kg10
Glass bottle/container1 kg1
Cardboard box1 kg5
White office paper1 kg5
UHT carton1 kg5
Aluminum can1 kg40
Tin can1 kg5
Earn points by recycling with Trash Lucky

Every 5 points earn you 1 raffle ticket. Points are displayed on the home page of your Trash Lucky account accessible via LINE @trashlucky. We automatically convert your points into e-raffle tickets and send them to you via LINE or email before the lucky draw date.

6. Win Prizes

Win prizes and certificates for being an outstanding recycler!

Two Lucky Draw Pools!

You could be simultaneously eligible for two lucky draw pools!

Public Lucky Draw Pool

Our public lucky draw pool takes place on a monthly basis and is participated by all Trash Lucky members. You automatically enter the public lucky pool for the month that you recycle with us.

Participants recycle and earn points during each calendar month. At the beginning of the following month, we automatically convert your points into lucky draw tickets and distribute them to you via email before the LIVE lucky draw held on Trash Lucky Facebook page. The winning numbers are announced on our Facebook page and website.

Private Lucky Draw Pool

During the initial phase of the school recycling program, you may enter a second lucky draw held exclusively for your school. The “private” lucky draw pool is subject to the availability of prize sponsorship. The schedule varies and is announced during the program launch assembly.

Please contact us if you do not know the schedule or the eligibility.

Recycle Your Waste Today!

Should you need more tips on how to get started, see our 4 Tips to Start Recycling at Home.

Start recycling with Growing Green Program today and help protect our planet!

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